Date and time of cell change in Excel TENTRY () function

by gatekeeper on 16.07.2014
A feature created in Excel VBA that will report a change in the contents of the cell, showing the day and time of the change. Pressing Enter would also update the value of the cell, since the code shown below references the current system time. The function does not use Application.Volatile, so there is no danger of its automatic updating - in other words, once entered it will only show the time at the time of typing.


Функцията е под­хо­дя­ща за орга­ни­зи­ра­не­то на дан­ни в хро­но­ло­гия. Така потре­би­те­лят може да просле­ди про­ме­ни напра­ве­ни от него или дру­ги потребители.

This function is suitable for organizing data in chronology. This allows the user to track changes made by the user or other users.

VBA code: Function TENTRY (celltime As Variant) Dim TValue As Date If celltime = “” Then TENTRY = 0 Else TValue = Now TENTRY = Format (TValue, “mm dd yyyy h: mm: ss”) End If End Function

Link to file:


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