Excel Financial Analysis — forecasts, dynamic charting

by gatekeeper on 26.01.2015

This is a financial analysis control screen showing the company’s sales and financial results. The target group of such solutions in Excel is the management, who can move the company forward by making adequate fact based decisions.
The attachment looks at the sales pillars by two pillars. Estimate magnitude and real result — between these two values ​​the strategic and operational activity of a company is played out. Efficiency and growth over time are the benchmarks against which success or failure is judged — by region, industry or responsible person with different time horizons.
The developed control screen allows for dynamic charting of past periods and time line analysis by means of simplified linear equations.

The dashboard featured by: https://www.exceltip.com/finance/financial-dashboard-by-stefanov.html



trend analysis

trend analysis

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  • cvg04h6c@outlook.com'
    Alla says:

    I like the combinations of charts and dynamic controls. Good to learn something new in Excel

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