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Author Bio: A graduate of the foundation "Mummert" (part of Robert Bosch). In November 2010, he graduated Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Cologne with an emperical diploma thesis about branding. He has a bachelor degree in Finance at the University of Economics Varna, predimploma in Business Administration at Heidelberg. Internships in the department for Market Research of a software company in Germany (Bechtle AG) and in a marketing-consulting agency in Bulgaria. He worked as Marketing Intelligence Analyst (SEERC - Philips) . Now he is in charge for in -store marketing analytics for LG HE.

Най-новият блог за маркетинг

Време беше… да се поя­ви наши­ят нов блог за мар­ке­тинг. Блог за Маркетинг, но на кого? Този блог е на сту­ден­ти и мла­ди спе­ци­а­лис­ти, кои­то биха иска­ли  да спо­де­лят сво­и­те мис­ли, наб­лю­де­ния, опит и впе­чат­ле­ния от всич­ко свър­за­но с мар­ке­тин­га. Колежът е мяс­то, къде­то вза­им­но...