Customer experience mediated by technology

by gatekeeper on 09.08.2019

There is a formula for success in creating unique connections with the consumers even before they are aware of the exact product and services they would like to subscribe for.

These unique connections are enabled by technology, for example by advances in web-based applications for augmented reality . IKEA and retailers like Kmart are aware of the fact, that the customer journey is like a pretzel between offline stores and online services built around the expectations of the customers targeted. Customer experience is in the focus of creating touch points, that inform, engage and create a common space for interaction. 

This is the example of Kmart, the chain that launched an augmented reality campaign giving  customers the chance to virtually try on Kmart decor and furniture products. So, customers will probably generate new revenue motivated by the ad, but one of the major steps aiming at further and steady customer engagement in is to create a product involvement. The retailer empowers the customer interaction — potential users are able to place the true-to-scale 3D product into their natural environment using their phone’s camera.

In that way the retailer is closing a gap between the online and the offline world. Innovation and technology impact the customer interaction as part of everyday life. Finally, the marketer can learn how products and experiences can provide meaning to people and are the enabler of value creation. 

The opportunities of advancements are there. It’s the choice of companies to use their impact in a positive way. The risk of frustration could also be the case. Convenience, speed and the perception of actual value could deliver meaningful customer experience.

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