Marketing basic dictionary

ABC classification — Classification of customers from a particular sales region into groups according to their importance, number and volume of transactions, potential for development.

Above-the-line — communication through classical channels: TV, radio, print.

Above the line cost — cost associated with advertising development.

Absolute cost advantage — the pretense of an established company that has the ability to produce at the lowest average average cost.

Absorption point — market saturation point.

Absorption pricing — a pricing strategy that replenishes all the investments invested in the product.

Acceleration principle — Measures the relationship between demand for consumer and capital goods.

Acceptable quality level — the maximum permissible level of defective units.

Access — the time interval before the most watched TV time.

Accessiblity — the ability of a market to be served by a manufacturer

Accomodation desk for information in the department store

Account — client

Account executive — person in an advertising agency or department that controls the planning and preparation of advertising.

Account penetration ratio — the percentage of customers who received an order.

Achieved penetration — the extent to which a market is served.

ACORN — A Classification of Residential Neighborhoods — a concept according to which customers living in a given region have similar consumer behavior.

Across the board — an advertising session that is broadcast every day at the same time on a television.

Action plan — a plan that shows the major marketing tasks that need to be accomplished in order to achieve the company’s established marketing goals.

Active market — a market with strong demand and supply.

Actuals — Effective commodity, physical commodity.

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